S.P. Manufacture of Customised Hose Reels Metal Steel, Stainless Steel 304 & 316

SP-WHEEL-REEL Series IN12000 (1” to 3”)

SP Hose reels has been providing that exceptional key for hose reel related needs since 1996. Over the years we have grown to specialize in hose reels for both the fuel industry & aviation industry. SP engineered products group has the capabilities to custom build to your specifications. We offer flexibility, reasonable cost and over 25 years of skill in developed custom built hose reels. S.P. custom built products present a complete solution to your reel requirements.

One new product we have manufactured is the Series IN12000, this solo wrap hose reel is admirable for fuel & aviation services. This series cover a large number of sizes, deviation and selection. Generally the reel is available in either open frame design or with side infill panels. The reels are available in various diameters and widths to accommodate a large range of hose diameters and lengths, with or without hose beads/ protection rings. A classic complete assembly also incorporates a hose guide and nozzles contents, to which interconnect are usually added to help prevent make away accidents and products drip. Effortless Action Just unlock nozzle and release hose to the required location. Rewind options are hydraulic motor, electric motor or hand / manual rewind.

Sizes Hose size – 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and 3” nominal bore
Rewind Type – Manual, Electric and Hydraulic
Wheel lining for hoses with wear beads. Custom design is available.
Material All metal part coming in contact with fluid shall be of SS304/316/AL only and non-metallic part to be of PTFE/Viton, Lightweight Robust Construction MS/Aluminium cart wheels and drum.
Hose Reel Hose reel built up with incorporate ball or roller bearing and the system is in such way that, the reel unwinds freely under all condition, special emphasis has been given to freeness in operation when the system is operative and the operating handle is set to unreeling position. Hose reel will also be provided with contoured guard plate underneath to prevent hoses from jamming during unreeling but in such a way that excessive overrun is avoided while removing hose. Hose reel can be rewound by electric motor via heavy duty roller chain drives. Provision is made for adjustment of chain tension. Hose reel is a capable of reeling in the full length of hose, fully loaded with product and laid out in straight line from the reel on dry, smooth concreter.
Pressure Operating Pressure 12 bar
Swivel Non Lubricating type Swivel to be provided with one end fixed to hose reel and other end for inlet connection.
Inlet & Outlet Connection As per hose size female NPT connection.